Missed a day

For a while I have been using Code Academy and Duolingo daily, It has been an impromptu habit.

Then, I missed a day of Code Academy. At the time I had 23 days in a row.

When you’re in a groove, the decision isn’t hard, you just keep going. You have 23 days in a row, doing one more is a no-brainer.

When you miss a day all of a sudden you have two options. Do I start with a 1 day streak or extend my inactive streak to 2 days.

We start many things in our lives. Some are well thought out and planned. Some are well supported by family and friends.

At some point after all the stopping and starting, you need to make a decision. When will you exercise resolve? When do you say, ‘I stopped, but this matters, I’m going to keep going?’

It’s a big question. More often than not one that I’m afraid of, and so are you.

Every time I keep going, I feel my resolve growing and my fear shrinking.

Increasing my resolve makes me think I have it in me to accomplish something great.

It’s only Code Academy. But it’s something more. It’s Grabbing life by the Horns.

I now have a 4 day streak. Or 27 of 28 days in a row.


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