A Chance to Win $500,000

“I have 3 businesses. Last year I worked about 4 hours per day, and I made $500,000 after taxes.” – Anonymous

OOO, how tempting that is. It’s alluring to think we can do that to. My mind starts racing thinking of the possibilities. I think of how I might get there. I think of what I could do to get there. I think I could get there. I believe it.

Then I think, I love my life. I don’t make 1/10th of what that person makes. I work 10x more than that person. My life is probably a less secure than that person. But it is going to be hard for him to be as happy as I am.

We glorify the success stories. The millionaires and superstars. It’s great. It’s something to strive for, and some of us might get it. But don’t let it delude you into thinking being a superstar is the key to an easy life. Examples abound of superstars who have trouble. Actors and athletes are two very obvious bunches. But we also know the local business owner who is mad at the world. We know the entrepreneur who is a complete jerk to everyone. We see the CEO, who is divorced and has a face like a red balloon because of all the stress.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to be more. Or that we should keep at our shitty job because the alternative may be just as shitty. I’m saying don’t beat yourself up because you don’t have the life someone else has.

If you want, change it. Quit your job take a chance if you have the opportunity. Or stay at your job and start pushing outside your comfort zone at work. Or keep your job and conserve your energy for an after-work venture. Or keep your job and save your energy for that nice girl you pass each day. The possibilities are endless. But maybe change isn’t what you need. Maybe you need to be more content with your situation and realize what a great gig you have.

Don’t get caught up in someone else’s life. Live yours. Be proactive and change if you feel the need to change. But maybe the only thing that needs changing is your attitude.


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