Slow Days

Today is July 5, and for some employees this is the perfect vacation day. It gives you a long weekend and the max time away from work.

I like working on days like July 5. It’s a slow day, not many other people are in the office, and the latitude to diverge from your normal routine is greatest.

How you use days like July 5 can vary dramatically. You can use it as an in office vacation day and spend time around the water cooler with co-workers. You can use it to get ahead of other employees for a competitive position. You can use it to explore aspects of your job that may be foreign to you. You can use it to engage your boss in a conversation to enhance your job responsibilities. You can engage a co-worker about a project you’ve wanted to collaborate on. You can visit other departments to get a better understanding of how they work and how your departments interconnect.

July 5 will no doubt be a slow day. You just had July 4 off, and you’re staring at the weekend. Take advantage of it. In any way you see fit. Save the vacation for a busier day when it’s more hectic.


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