Fighting Bored at Work

According to Forbes a lot of people surf the internet while at work. According to the article employees attribute this to a lack of challenging work, which I include bored and unsatisfied in this category, and compensation.

I can sympathize with the desire to find *something* to do. We’ve been taught in school to wait for the teacher to give us something to do, and that carry over is felt in our jobs. Add to that the neurotic impulse to check email, reddit, ebay, etc. and it feels almost like an addiction.

I am trying to reject this addiction for a few reasons.

I want to feel useful. I can’t wait for my boss to hand me challenges. Finding a challenge is in itself a challenge. The obstacles in that challenge are the distractions. Can I overcome those distractions and live up to the challenge? That’s a fight I am in every day. My boss isn’t going to fight it for me. He doesn’t care as much about me as I do, and even if he did, who is to say the direction he sees for me is the same one I want? I find it much better to have whatever control I can over the situation, even if it’s only a miniscule amount, every little bit counts.

I also want to have a productive career. Using time wisely is almost like building an emergency fund. While other people are surfing, you are setting yourself apart. It may not pay off for years, but I find generally the best payouts in life are those that take a while to pay dividends.

Lastly, I find wasting time at work slips over into home life. Is there a difference between checking our email 200 times at work and watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory at home? I don’t think so. When I’m productive at work, I tend to be productive at home. The correlation is noticable to me.

It’s draining being bored at work, surfing through piles of internet that you’ve already looked through. Ugh. The alternative is much harder and seems to go against my very nature, but the days when I am successful at it I go to bed content. It’s hard to beat that feeling.


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