The attack on employees

The blogosphere is filled with romantic ideas. Living debt free, entrepreneurship, start-up success, finding a mission or purpose, zen *insert whatever word*.

You don’t hear any romanticizing being an employee. Why? It’s work. And now a days work is not something we get excited about.

It’s great to read stories of Seth Godin who writes and speaks 24/7, right? Or Chris Guillebeau who travels and writes 24/7, right? Or Mark Zuckerberg who had this facebook thing planned from day 1, right? Or Warren Buffett who would have been the E-trade baby if he were born 50 years later, right? The list of idols goes on and on.

We all lament that we could be like them. We could be stars! Or at least we could do something we love. That’s what life is about, right? LOVE!

Why can’t you do something you love while being an employee? Do something on the side, or maybe do something in house(GASP! You can’t be happy working for the man! He’s the man!)

The world needs as many employees as they need Seth Buffetts.

It’s scary to be the one person in the bureaucracy to stand up and make a difference. In a company filled with dim bulbs, it’s down right frightening to be a light house. Everyone knows you. Everyone knows you are weird, strange, and you keep rocking their boat. DON’T ROCK THE BOAT! Right?

Employee is another title, like entrepreneur. What gives meaning to a title, is the meaning you give it. It could mean more energy for your family or a side passion. It could mean you are a respected thought leader in your company.

Or it can mean your job is worthless and you are too. Right?


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