Android Sleepbot lasted 48 hours.

I decided to delete sleepbot after just 48 hours. It was made with the mindset of saying ‘no’ relentlessly. After 1 night of sleeping with part of my mind on this app, I decided I didn’t need it. I know I sleep well. I don’t normally sleep with my phone in bed, usually on the night stand, so this messed up my groove.

What value would this app give me? Nothing. It was a shiny bauble that seemed like it would be interesting to know what I say during sleep, or how much I toss and turn.

I had to draw a line. The line was drawn a long time ago, this was the first time I remember defending it.

Live your life. Draw your line. If it doesn’t enhance that line, toss it out with vigor.


One thought on “Android Sleepbot lasted 48 hours.

  1. Hi Nate,

    Thanks for trying SleepBot! To be honest, when we first created SleepBot as a sleep debt tracker, it was purely for the sake of novelty and self-quantification. As we kept working, we got more and more emails from users who actually used the app to find out was causing them to sleep better or worse, and even help their doctors diagnose their medical problems, so SleepBot evolved to become a better tool.
    We’re glad you don’t need SleepBot and that you are sleeping well. If anything, we hope it helped you found your line and optimal sleep habit!
    If you can– leave us a good word over the interwebs. 🙂


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