Knee Jerk reaction: NO

We, as humans, have a tendancy to say ‘no’ to new ideas. Very few of us think out and weighs the pros and cons of ideas. We offer a knee jerk ‘no.’

That is a killer for most organizations and the reason why the past 20 years look like such a great map for doing things. They aren’t. That is why so many other people seem to race by us.

As Joe Dirt said, ‘You can’t have no in your heart.’ That doesn’t mean you accept every idea that pops into your head. It means you think about those ideas. You do your best to weigh the pros and cons. Exercise your thinking muscles. It may only take 5 minutes for some ideas. Others may take a full year of tossing around in your head to be fully developed, and then it may still be a ‘no.’ But a well thought out ‘no’ may very well bring you to another idea that is a big ‘yes.’ But a knee jerk no leads to a weak mind. If you say no to everything, if it becomes a habit, like it is for so many, it diminishes opportunities.

You can’t have no in your heart.


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