Donating to Charity

Donating to charity feels like a loss to some people.

I have felt that way before. Looking at a donation as I lose and they win is a mirage.

They don’t win anymore than you lose.

Giving is not a loss. It’s a win.

In fact you can argue that it’s more of a win to give charity than it is to accept it. By giving you say so much to yourself and your world. You are coming from a place of love, dominance, boldness, and caring.

What could you lose? Money? If you judge your life by how much money you can swim in, you’re completely missing the point.

Donating is about giving a piece of yourself to a cause you believe in. The cause doesn’t matter as long as you care about it.

Donating to a worthy charity should feel great.

Sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s because we lose sight of why we are giving. Don’t give because of social status or for something in return.

Give because you care. Give because you can.

Money comes and goes, but caring and willpower are two things no one can take away.


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