Struggling to Cold Call Clients

I was struggling to make phone calls. My list was only so long and I only had a few more left.

The thought in my head was, “if i call, they’ll say no’  or ‘this is my last call, after that i’ll have to find more prospects to call.’

Eventually, after weeks, I called. I got a gig.

I feel like all the procrastination only holds you back from that feeling of release. Yes or no, you feel accomplished. When I get a ‘no’ a weight lifts off my shoulders equivalent to the minor disappointment. When I get a ‘yes’ I feel like a million dollars and I could beat medusa in a staring contest.

If you’re struggling and you think that it’s not worth the effort of cold calling people and want to settle for the measly amount of clients you have now, keep going to you get another yes.

Then when you get that feeling after succeeding… then tell me you want to quit.

Don’t quit when you’re in the middle of a slump or worse when you feel too lazy to go any further.


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