Criticism and Embracing Your Nuttiness

Lent has begun. For lent I have decided to give up speaking on Sundays. It seems like a interesting thing to do, and I hope I will gain new insights from it.

The challenging part is telling other people about it. Right in the middle of lent there is a Bowl-a-thon on a Sunday to support a local chairty. I told the people I am going with that I will not be speaking, but I’ll still come. “You’re a nut,” was the response. “Yup,” was mine.

I can try to fight criticism and convince them of my sanity, but it’s not worth it. Yea we are all a bit crazy. The critics are afraid of their craziness. I feel they are trying to bring me back to normal so they can feel better about their mediocrity. I don’t want normal. I’m ok being crazy. I want to experience life in different ways. It hurts a little, because the critics are my friends. It make you wonder which is more desirable: Being crazy alone or me mediocre with company?


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