Fantasy Basketball And The Illusion of Progress

I play fantasy basketball. Every morning I wake up, go to my computer and see how ‘my’ team did. I enjoy it but at the same time, I find it disturbing. As someone who values development and progress, this is quite a distraction. I can’t find the energy to wake up and exercise, write, read, develop my side business, or some other productive endevor, but I can spend 15-20 minutes checking out how ‘I’ did.

As a self aware person, I’ve learned to step back and ask why. Why do I like fantasy basketball? What is so addicting and intruiging about it?

First, I’m good. Anyone who has played fantasy sports knows if you suck, you don’t pay attention. I’m almost always in the top 3 in fantasy basketball.

Second, I can see progress daily. I think the most compelling/addicting point of any fantasy sport, you get instant feedback. The players play a game, you get the rewards/punishment. It’s instant. You don’t have to wait, it’s not subliminal, it’s out there and you can see it.

Third, I get rewarded for other men’s hard work.

Life isn’t like fantasy sports. I’m good at life, but I don’t see daily progress and I have to do the work. I put work in and then I have faith that what I’m doing will bear fruit *sometime* in the future. Life is built off faith. Fantasy Basketball is built off instant gratification.

App Idea: An app or website that gives you points for daily activities(self recorded). But instead of giving you points ont he same day, you get points tomorrow, one month, 6 months, and 1 year from when you complete it.

An add on to that would be to have a team of people who share the app and you get points for having them in your group.

I wish my addiction to fantasy basketball was an addiction to improving my life. For now, I will enjoy the season and hope I win. I will try to think of some method to translate that into my own, real, life.


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