Stop searching in the wrong direction.

You search to answer the reasons why you doubt yourself. Why can’t you stay focused? Why aren’t you committed?


Instead search for the reasons that inspire you. Then twist that into something beautiful, new, and something that will resonate with the world you want so desperately to change.

You are unique, but you are not original.

It’s impossible to be original. From the moment you were taken out of your mother’s womb you began looking at others. You crafted your story, your view of the world, from each person you passed and every path you crossed. You were made from a thousand experiences, without which you would be a different person.

Ask yourself: Some people touch(ed) you deeper than others. Why? Some experiences are more vivid, and make life seem more alive. Why? Some songs, even from the same album, get played 10x as often. Why.

Stop searching for why you aren’t good enough. Search for what moves you, and let it work it’s magic.


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