Paying the Price

I’ve been on a spending kick lately.

I bought a new computer keyboard because my home keyboard hurts my wrists(bad for a writer)

I bought a book to email to a friend.

I bought into 2 freelance courses and 1 get out of debt courses.

I bought a mouse to compare it to my existing mouse.

These are all investments. The total of these comes to well over $1,000.

Now I’m as frugal as they come. I have a manual grey water system. I don’t buy my lunch(ever). I don’t buy alcohol or soda. I cook most food at home. I argue with my wife about how frequently to eat out.

But a time comes when even the frugal have to admit you can only trim so many expenses. At some point you have to turn your attention to the income side of the equation.

For all the frugal people out there, Ramit is wrong, you can be frugal and entrepreneurial. A middle ground can be had if you are willing to pay the price. The price is doing your homework and investing money in materials that push you forward. As with any money decision, you spend your money wisely, in ways that enhance your life, and allow you to live your life with passion.


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