Freedom is scarier than slavery

I feel the strongest fear when my freedom is threatened.

To understand what I mean, we must first acknowledge that we are not really free. We have the illusion of freedom, but if you wouldn’t shell out double the price you paid for your house or you wouldn’t go to work tomorrow if you hit the lottery, then you are a slave the system we have setup. Same as me.

Once we acknowledge the shackles of our slavery exist, then you can understand the source of my fear. Fear from a boss, a mortgage company, a debt collector, a car accident, a hot water heater, or worse all of the above. One alone is enough to throw off our equilibrium. It’s in these moments when we realize how tight those shackles can become.

Someone, probably another slave, shakes the chains that hold you captive. They yell and scream that you need to. Or else.

I fear that.

I hate that.

That is the enemy I fight.

I will protect the castle of my heart, of my mind, and most ferociously, of my soul. Shackles tie down our bodies, but only we can put shackles on our own mind.

Use the fear. Not to recommit to working harder in the illusion of our mind’s creation. No, use the fear to commit to becoming free.

Does that scare you even more?


Because the worst part is our slavery is an illusion, one we are not willing to sacrifice. One thing we fear more than the certainty that we are not free: the uncertainty that we could be. We become terrified when someone shakes our shackles. But that fades. And soon the terror of slavery is replaced with the fear of the unknown. A chance at heaven is much more frightening than realizing we are stuck in hell.


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