Master the little things.

I just finished my first year at my new job. Quite frankly I was over my head. I am a quick learner but this job involved new aspects of my field that I was not used to.

How did I not only survive, but excel? Little things. Each skill has little things that need to be done to make the big things even possible. I found those little things and I did them.

I’m good at being proactive, taking responsibility, following things through until the end, leaving a trail for those behind me. These are little things that make the big things possible, and provide for a smooth running operation.

Want to get a step up on the competition? Do little things, things that everyone else overlooks. These things are also classic, in that they’ve been around forever, and they permeate every aspect of life.


One thought on “Master the little things.

  1. Nate,

    Great tip…Many people forget to do the small things..And it is the small things that we forget to do sometimes that makes a huge difference….The more awareness someone has, the more they will be able to remember the small things that will lead them to success..

    Thanks for sharing..

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