Unleashing Your Amazing Self

The price of freedom is doubt. It’s a cost most of us aren’t willing to bear. After all if we didn’t doubt ourselves, what excuse would we have?

Once we realize we are amazing in every way, we can begin to share a view point that is uniquely ours. Talk about the same topic as other bloggers, and you will help someone. Providing a new twist, a new story to the fabric of life is the highest calling. We can paint it, draw it, talk about it, write about it, hell we could mold poop to show it.

Doubt stops all of this. We doubt we are as good as Tony Robbins. It seems so easy for him, and every other success story. We feed ourselves this story that some day, you will find something that will set you on the path to success freedom. And we start searching.

We go from blog to blog, book to book, movie to movie, song to song, searching for those that resonate with our souls. We find bits, but we never ask why. We never get deeper than acceptance. We never acknowledge that what we have found is apart of ourselves. It is inside us, and because of that denial, we never explore the only place where it can be found.

Why do we never explore inside of ourselves? Doubt. We doubt we have anything of value. We don’t search for things in places we don’t think they are. You don’t hunt polar bears in Miami.

I encourage you to go back. Re-read that book that moves you to tears. Check your YouTube history, why does that video or song inspire you? What part of your amazing self is it uncovering? Once you find the spot, pick at it until it unleashes itself in a torrent. Share what you have unleashed with the world, and hopefully someone will uncover part of their amazing self because of you.


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