A Systems Failure is not Failure

Seth Godin via Georgina Laidlaw of Problogger

…a lot of times creative people want to know what other creative people do to do their work, as if using the same pencil as Steven King is going to do anything for you, ’cause it’s not. I know lots and lots of productive creative people and we all do it differently. So I think at its face, it’s not a particularly useful philosophy.

Seth points to a huge flaw in success seekers: Investing as much time in researching the ‘right’ system as doing work. The system is not the answer. It gets the lion share of the attention, often at the expensive of work.

We tell ourselves we will find the right system, set it up and we will be on our way to success. 

We really find any system, set it up, fail to find success with that, then search for the next system in a neverending cycle.

We should take action then develop a system around the required action.

Alter course but not at the expense of action. Action is the bedrock of success, not a system.

The map doesn’t get us to our destination.


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