Uber Successful and Alone

My biggest fear is not failure. My biggest fear is leaving those I love behind. No one wants to be uber successful and alone. I have misconception of wealth.

Do you imagine being wealthy and people asking you for money?

Do you imagine being rich and having people scoff at a well thought out handmade gift, because it doesn’t match your percieved bank roll?

Do you imagine having money and having people scoff at the overly expensive gift because it looks like you are showing off or trying to buy love?

I do.

Mo money mo problems.

We all have misperceptions. We are as afraid of becoming wealthy as we are of staying poor. Rich is as much of a burden as debt is.

I don’t want to be alone. I do want to live comfortably. Here is my plan:

  • Love life, regardless of wealth
  • Go after my dreams, regardless of the money that rolls in
  • Never forget where I came from, or who I’ve met along the way.
  • Help others, when they help themselves.
  • Don’t stop.
  • Don’t slowdown.
  • Not for anyone.
  • Not for anything.

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