Lessons From My Dog

Lessons in life are everywhere if you slow down shut up and listen. Here are some I’ve learned from my dog, Jinxy:

Jinxy will eat the good stuff and leave the rest. With luck she will get better options from the dinner table or from doing tricks. Inevitably, she will eat the not good stuff when she is hungry.

Always be happy to see people. Tell them how much they mean. Don’t worry about getting in the way, they’ll forgive you!

Stretch after laying down for a while.

Drink water after exercise.

Lay out in the sun.

Do what you love. Jinxy will chase squirrels, not to catch them, but because she loves her job: ‘protect our yard.’ Most times squirrels are no where to be seen, she still goes after them with verve.

Allow others to help you. Jinxy doesn’t like getting 6 baths in a row, but after getting skunked she sure needed it. We may not like the help we’re given, it’s still valuable.

Know who the sucker is. Jinxy knows who gives into begging and who doesn’t. Who can you go to to get results?

Let nothing know you mean business. Jinxy will often growl at the dark. Most of the time at nothing. But nothing knows that she means business. Life is the same way. Sometimes you can’t see obstacles. You still need to let them know you mean business.


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