The Curse of 10 Pages

10 pages left in my pocket notebook. 10 pages left and holding for about a month. Before that I used it all the time. I thought it was because I wasn’t in the groove, that I didn’t have a strong habit of writing things down.

Now I have 10 pages left in my idea steno notebook. 10 pages and holding for a week or so. Reasons? I used scrap paper when possible. I have been much more action oriented lately. I let my mind wander instead of capturing everything.


A curse. If I run out I have to get a new notebook. I have more steno notebooks. I don’t have more pocket notebooks. It’s another item on my list, and my errand list is stagnant(always has been).

Does anyone else notice at the end of a list or pile, or notebook you slow down? For fear that you don’t know what to do next, or worse that you’ll regress from where you are now? Now being a place you fought so hard to get to. I notice this in myself. Do you notice it too?


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