Money on The Side

Money on the side > Money from a job.

A job is for money. We take jobs because of the salary. It feeds our family, pays our bills, and let’s us vacation for 2 weeks a year.

Money on the side is none of those things, not initially. Money on the side is about passion. It makes your heart sing, and your soul hum. You smile while you do it. Time becomes non-existant and you find ‘the zone.’

How do you find your side gig?


If you’ll do it for free, you’ll certainly do it for money. And if it’s in demand enough that businesses/non-profits need volunteers, then it has enough demnd to pay off.

Some rules:

Keep trying new gigs until you find one that fits. I’ve been a patient visitor at a hospital(< 1 month), A tax preparer(<2 tax seasons), a local news reporter, a writer, and a few others. I tried to leave each on good terms. The volunteer coordinators generally understand you may not stick around, be honest and you will leave a trail of positive contacts, in case you find another position in the same field.

Money on the side has a lot more pride in it than a job. I encourage everyone to pursue a passion. It’s a spice of life.


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