The price of ignorance

Laziness + Fear = Ignorance

In the 21st century, only the lazy can’t find information.  Throughout time, fear has always been the #1 excuse that never exists. Ask most men and they will convince you they are afraid of nothing. Only the dead never flinch.

Teaching and tutoring have shown me the 2 problems that plague most people. Fear and laziness.

Fear keeps people away from what they don’t know. I see this often with computers. Practice and patience would make computer lessons unneccessary. Plenty of YouTube videos teach whatever topic you can imagine. Why do people still struggle? Fear.

Laziness is the vice of those who need practice. As if reading once a week you will become a better reader. Or writing once a month will make you a better writer. 12 years we spend in school. Every day, 5 days per week for 9 months a year we learned, and others are audacious enough to think they can catch up on 1 hour per week. HA!

Hard work and courage. Fantasies for all but a few.


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