The Failure of The Educational System

I’ve never been a big fan of the education system in the U.S. Ironically it’s not because the system failed me. I turned out ok. Rather it’s because I think they teach you too much stuff you don’t need. Especially in college when you have to take courses to make you a ’rounded’ individual. They rounded me alright, they gave me a lot of 0’s on top of my debt pile. Lots of rounding. I thought it was a rip off to pay for so many extra, useless courses. It seems like a scam. Why charge for 2 years at $14,000 a pop, when you can charge for 4 years at $14,000 a pop? And of course students are more than willing to pay because they don’t have any other options, thanks in large part to lobbying.

Recently though my disappointment of the educational system isn’t because of me. It’s because of the people it actually failed. It’s the 28 year old man with a 4th grade reading level, a high school diploma, and a career as a WalMart cart pusher. It’s the 52 year old man who came to the US from another country and has no chance to learn without paying an arm and a leg. Or the 65 year old woman who has no way to learn about the computer, which she needs to find a new job to finance retirement.

The system works for 75% of students and 25% of the overall population. It works for putting round pegs in round holes, and it works at churning out more round peg teacher’s who know how to teach other round pegs. What about the square pegs? Medication works for some. Large cracks work for still others.

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn. They don’t. That is the failure of our educational system.


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