One form it rarely comes in is my own head. It usually comes from someone else’s head.

Chris Guillebeau

Ramit Sethi

Trent Hamm


Salman Khan

Leo Babauta

Seth Godin

It rarely comes from someone whose thoughts come from their own head. My head, by itself is boring, barren place. Only when it interacts with others does it begin to light up and contain real gems.

Those gems can be hard to find. Finding someone worth listening to is not easy. Finding someone worth listening to who fits with your soul is difficult.

I find people worth listening to by reading. I found almost all of my Reader blogs through Trent, who I found through reading Yahoo! Finance. Now I can’t rely on Trent, his sources are old to me. It’s the same. To find new ones I have to turn elsewhere.

I googled.

Top Productivity Blogs. Top Self Development Blogs. Top Blogs.

I added them. All of them. Now I have 77 subscriptions on my reader. I only read 10-15, and only 5 or so no matter what. The rest I read when I have free time. If it resonates with me I’ll try to read it more often. If not, I dump it.

Finding inspiration is difficult with no one to guide you. When failure is all around you. When no one tells you that anything is possible, then nothing is possible.

The journey takes courage. Nothing can substitute for sticking your neck out and taking a risk. It’s the kind of courage that comes from within that is most inspiring. That voice that tells you ‘enough.’ The voice that pushes you to be more than anything you’ve ever imagined.

Find your courage.


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