Freelance Lessons Learned

I have completed Ramit’s Earn1K course. I have called all the libraries in my area, and a few outside my area. Here are some lessons I’ve learned:

  • I almost ruled out the smallest 3 leads. My thought was if the big boys didn’t want me, they wouldn’t want me. I pushed through and qualified them anyway. Result: 2 of the 3 were interested. Lesson: Let your leads disqualify themselves. My job isn’t to judge who is worthy, it’s to offer my services. They decide if it’s right for them.
  • Initially I got disheartened very quickly. A no would ruin my whole day, and make me talk about quitting. Ramit got me through with one concept: Do a little every day. My only job was to call/email each lead, one per day. That practice alone got me through the rough start and into the more friendly territory. After only 1 interested client out of the first 10, now I have 10 interested cients out of 30. 1/3 isn’t a bad percentage.
  • My wife was a sounding board I needed throughout it all. She kept me plugging away initially and was happy when I succeeded. Have someone you can vent your frustrations too.

I can’t tell you how rewarding it feels to have gone through this process.


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