Ramit Sethi Webinar Takeaway

On Wednesday night I had the privilege of attending Ramit Sethi’s Live 1 hour Webinar. Here is one main idea I took away:


Ask myself what is the real barrier. Often I’ll think that people could lose weight but they are lazy or don’t want to. Often it’s not that simple. Humans are far more complex than that, and to try to boil it down into some simple answer is laziness on my part.

Really think about your why? Three example questions I need to ask myself:

Why haven’t I found a mentor?

Why haven’t I made more side income?

Why haven’t I taken the bus to work?

It’s easy to attribute all of these to laziness, but it’s much more than that.

I need to think about these things in more depth and come up with a plan to work on these, rather than blaming it on some character defect.

Main takeaway: what is the real barrier?.

Extra tidbit

For those who haven’t listened to many live webinars, like me, don’t just sit and listen. Find some way to record it. I was interrupted a few times(yes, I should have locked myself away…) and missed a few questions. At the end I wish I had recorded it to go back and listen to. Hopefully my mistake will help you in the future.


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