Benefits of a Job

I’m not a big fan of the job. Life has so much more to offer. But let’s be realistic, most of us need a job, especially in the beginning. Let me take this moment to highlight some of the benefits I get from my job.


This is the biggest one. If my job didn’t pay me, I wouldn’t work. The money has allowed me to get rid of credit card debt, save for retirement, and invest in Earn1k. The money they give you, if used wisely, can be your launch pad for success.


My teeth are clean, my heart works fine, I don’t have STDs, and I’ve saved an extra $10,000 in my 401(k). All of these are possible through benefits. Health insurance and retirement plan are the big ones. Most of us have at least this. In my current job, I have much more. Ice cream socials, gym on site, free salad bar, employee picnics, etc. Our job provides us with countless benefits at a very affordable price and sometimes free.


Most jobs offer some kind of tuition reimbursement, or will send you to training seminars. This can be a huge plus if you take advantage of it. If you really love your field, but hate your current job, this may be a one way ticket to a better situation, on them!


Where else can you find strangers willing to talk to you, that you can be fairly certain aren’t going to murder you for it(fairly certain…). One of the hidden benefits is to practice people skills on co-workers. Take out your copy of How to Win Friends & Influence People
(you do have a copy, right?) and practice each tip once a week or month.


Some people have rules about no dating co-workers, but let’s face it, our hormones are under no such restrictions. And work is a place where people probably have similar values, tastes, etc. I know 2 happily married couples who met at their work. It’s a hidden benefit if you are open to it.


It’s important to be realistic about your job, and be honest with yourself. Don’t invest 110% in a situation you loathe. Recognize it for what it is, use it for that purpose, and focus on getting out.

I did just that. I used my first well paying job, and the unlimited OT it offered, to payoff $25,000+ in student loans and credit card debt. I also used it to setup a nice emergency fund and retirement savings. I met some awesome friends along the way. When I was finished, I set the goal to be out in one year. In 6 months I was heading for greener pastures.

Don’t use your job as an excuse not to live a great life. Be realistic and don’t let it stop you from being amazing!


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