Review of Ramit Sethi’s Earn 1k Course

I am half way thru Ramit Sethi’s 8 week Earn1k course. The course costs $900 and is not a scam. It has a LOT of worthwhile material.

The great part about the program is it goes at a very slow pace. This is great for people with limited time to invest in the program. It consists of specific steps each week. You learn via 4 videos then you have action steps to complete, for instance defining your target market. You also get weekly surveys to update your progress. I use this as my reality check. How easy the questions are for me to answer equals how faithful I’ve been to the program.

Not everything is sunshine and lilies. I find the pace slow. I have time on my hands and toward the end of each week I find myself twiddling my thumbs, second guessing myself, or the worst, thinking about pricing(Ramit says set it and forget it. Spot on.). I hope this will pick up in the second half of the course.

The surveys, while I use to motivate myself, are also a big sign that part of your role in this course is to make Ramit’s job of selling the course easier. When he pitches that he has 10,000 data points that he’s researched… That’s me. I use the survey for myself, and try to ignore the self service Ramit is getting from it.

The worst part of the entire course, unlike the preview week Ramit offers, is I am completely alone. I have a support page if I have problems. That’s it. No forums. No posts to talk to others about my progress. NOTHING! I hear America’s ‘A Horse With No Name’ playing every time I log in. I’m in the desert with no one else around.

While the negative stands out a bit more from the positive, if I had to sign up again, I would. I am  making progress toward my goals. The information is extremely helpful and I feel like I’m getting a leg up.

If you are looking to make more money and not sure where to start, sign up for Ramit’s course. Have someone be a guide so you are not alone each week. The guide will also be able to keep tabs and ensure you are following through. I would not recommend using a friend, you need someone who is willing to stand up to you. You may have to pay someone to fulfill this role. Even if you are by yourself this course is worth it, and I would do it again.


17 thoughts on “Review of Ramit Sethi’s Earn 1k Course

  1. Hi Nate, I’m currently half way through the course and feel the same way as you did; but probably a lot worse. So far, I’m bored out of my mind. I went through 2 lessons today (module 2.3, 2.4) which I thought were a borderline waste of time (2 x 29 minute videos). The action items were completed in about 3 minutes. Time to wait another week. I hardly think I’m learning anything. Do you think I should continue?

    I really was hoping for the opportunity to work with small groups of people learning the same thing (peer group, forum, chat group, etc). Feel like I’ve just paid $1000 for some ‘just okay’ videos that lack a clear focus from week to week.

  2. Hi Bruce,

    I think the ‘group’ stuff is apart of Ramit’s Upsell. If I recall after the course he offers you more involving small groups, etc. He def. over promised and under delivered on the group stuff. I still think it is worthwhile. And I’ve got the money I paid back from it. But I agree there is a certain voice in my head wondering if I really needed it, or if I would have kept going on this path anyway.

    Part of me thinks that because I was on the path, I would have kept going, and that Ramit was just a push I needed to move a little quicker.

    If you want someone to chat with about side gigs and freelancing, either keep posting here or you can email me I’d enjoy talking to someone as well.


  3. hi Nate, I’m contemplating signing up for the next one and this review was really helpful thank you! A pity to read about the lack of group work – I’ve been loving that part in the pre-work and thought that would be a main benefit of earn1k! I’m glad to hear you made your money back; I’m also wondering if I really need the course to earn or if I can do it without spending the $$$ (I’ve heard through the internets it’s 1400 now?). Then again, I might work a lot more effectively with the course to guide me! Anyway, thank you again for the review – very helpful to read from someone who has gone through it.

  4. Hello Nate,

    Thank you for this post. I subscribed to Ramit’s email too; and I do think that his material is good enough to get me ‘going’. It’s like a catalyst or eye-opener that you can actually earn a substantial amount of money on the side…


  5. Hi Nate,

    I’m glad to have found your review. It was insightful, and one of the only few I have found. For a course with thousands of students, I’ve found there to be a huge lack of information on it online. I’m in the middle of the course and like the other commenter, I am not sure this course has been worth the price tag. It’s $1,000 and I feel like its an infommercial with the common tag line of “We’ll show you the specifics later,” and yet those specifics never come. Most of the techniques up to 2.4 so far have been good but they are things that can be found in a business book for $50.

    Also, this course IS lonely. Is there any unofficial forums or anything out there? I found that if you have a specific skill and something to start with this course would be better. I didn’t have an idea going into it so I’m stuck at the beginning. If you don’t mind me asking, why did you join and did you have any favorable skills of your own you wanted to try with freelancing before you started?


  6. Hi Jason,

    No forums I know of, but you gave me an idea. Maybe the few commenters here could create something. My first thought is an E1K Mastermind/Small group. Let me know what you think.

    I did have favorable skills. I am an IT guy, and I had been teaching computers at one library for 6 months and had gotten 1 ‘side’ paying one on one. That gave me confidence that this could be something to make some side income with so I joined. It gave me a boost but I was already on my way.

    Feel free to shoot me an email if you think you’re stuck and would like to bounce some ideas around in a more private situation. Thanks Jason.


  7. Hi Guys,
    I’m also considering joining the Earn 1K course, but I’m no so certain this course it will be all that Ramit promises it to be. I purchased his book and found if very insightful, although, I haven’t yet implemented all his suggestions. I recencly read his promotional e-mail, and I’m not quite sure how beneficial this program will be for me. I too need a bit of encouragement and a lot of help in figuring out what I would want to do in freelancing. Ramit insists that an idea is not needed, but I am very skeptical of that. Did you guys have an idea before joining and if not, was this course helpful in getting you to figure out which direction you were headed in? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  8. Hi Karina,

    Yes I already had an idea heading into E1K. There is a whole section on finding an idea, but if you don’t already have one, I’m not sure it’s going to be that helpful. You still need to do a lot of soul searching to find what you are good at, what people will pay for, and what you like to do.


  9. Hi Nate,
    Thanks for your feedback. I think I’m going to pass on the course for now ( I believe it begins today.) Hopefully by the next time he opens it up, I’ll have an idea that I could work with. Thanks for getting back to me!

  10. Hi Nate,

    I have looked at some of the reviews for the course and I was thinking of enrolling. I do have a lot of student loan debt and I was hoping to make money freelancing to pay it down faster. I read on another forum that you should not do the course if you have debt. What are your thoughts? Also my ideas consist of writing and selling ebooks on Kindle. Does that idea fit in with the course?

  11. It does require a bit of money, so that is why the advice is to not do it unless you are out of debt. I did it with low interest student loans, but that was it. It all depends on your risk tolerance.

    The idea may fit, or you may alter it along the way.


  12. Ive joined but Im not sure if its for me. I think he has unique suggestions and is the master at language but my issue is ( and not sure I can be assisted w/out talking to someone), Im a jack of all trades and have wung it most my life- Ive had a coffee kiosk, massage business etc… but Im not feeling I am getting the help I need with the idea from my past experiences as I dont want to do anything I’ve done before. So Im reinventing myself basically.
    You need other people to help you along if you DONT have an idea!
    Simply because your not sure if someone will pay for it or as in my case, Im just not sure I have all the details to help someone else and need more “brain stroming” to get clear. My 2 cents.

  13. I was seriously considering the course, but changed my mind when I got the *4th email* in 3 days about the course. I thought, “Screw this. If he’s this aggressive I don’t want to continue to deal with him.”

  14. I too was considering the course. But i got some red flags through the week of sales pitch- I really didn’t hear anything ground breaking or changing for myself and my business. I also felt like for someone who says he gives away 95% for free that 95% seemed mostly like a sales pitch with little meat. Also, I think its a little too coincidental that the random day that I signed up magically coincided with the opening of a new course! His good buddy Tim Ferris’ favorite strategies is automation- I think this might be why everyone is feeling so alone in the course- they are! the entire course is automated email and script that Ramit and his team barely have to even monitor but watch the ks pile up in his bank account. Plus its 2k now! Don’t get me wrong, I think that this course might be useful for some people, however, I don’t think I am one of those people. Another thing that bothers me is how adamant he is about giving refunds, yet on the last page before sign up the fine print reads basically “if you do all the homework” this is a convenient disclaimer. I think that Ramit and his team are very smart because the web is awash with stellar reviews- critical ones seem a bit harder to find, I do NOT think this is an accurate reflection of the experience students have had. Good luck to all.

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