Calling Self Improvers

I often feel like I’m alone. Self Discovery, Self Improvement are lonely planets with only one inhabitant. Me.

With Fantasy Football starting up, the number of people interested are in no short supply. If I wanted to spend my time improving the number of touchdowns my running back scored, I could find people to guide me with ease.

Self Help? It seems that books, videos, cds, dvds, and the occasional seminar are my only source. Finding someone who is further along the path of life is not easy. Where do I look? The phone book? Google?

If this resonates with you, then you prove I am not alone. That means neither are you. It’s a lonely road to Oz, and a friend or two makes all the difference. If you feel as lonely as I do sometimes, then consider me your friend.

I have faith more of us are out their. Seaching for companions to help fight off the temptations of our consumeristic society. And help fight back the naysayers who try to pull you back down to ‘reality.’ Ready to help us with our internal struggle, whatever it may be.

I am not alone. Like the autobots, this is my signal. If you are out there, you are not alone.


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