The First Pitch

I felt the rush while preparing for my first sales pitch. I prepared for a half hour. That half hour was more productive than the prior weeks. Why wasn’t I already prepared? I thought I was, but if I had walked into the meeting as I was I would have botched it. It would not have gone as well. That half hour got me stoked. By the time I got in the car I was excited and confident.

How did it go?

Looking at the positive side, the answer wasn’t an outright no. The value in what I wanted to do was very clear. Unfortunately for an organization that is dependant on donations it’s tough to commit to new programs. Regardless I got a price range for how much I should request. It was 1/5 of what I had in my head.

What did I learn?

Next time I need to think about any potential layers of bureaucracy that might exist. If there are, I should be prepared for a longer time between sales pitch and beginning work. Immediate gratification will not be on the menu.

I didn’t realize how unprepared I was. Next time I need to really think if I’m fully prepared.

I over estimated the worth of my offering to this organization. I still think it’s work 5x what they are paying. Either it’s not, or they don’t see it.

Going Forward

I’m proceeding as if they don’t see they value. What does that mean? I need to show them the value. I’m actually looking forward to the challenge.

At the same time I need to set a horizon to quit if they don’t see it. This isn’t a charitable venture. If they can’t commit more money after I prove their is value, then I need to move on.

I’ll also make a similar pitch to a second organization and hope for better results. The difference this time is I don’t have the same rapport with the next organization, so I look forward to learning something new.

Last, I plan to explore other avenues for increasing my income. I will volunteer to tutor math at a local high school to brush up those skills. I will put value into this blog in the hopes it reaches people. I will look for other teaching opportunities in the local area. Additionally, I’m beginning to think it’s time to go for life’s juggular and do what I really want to do: life coach. The excuses not to loom large, but I’m beginning to think they are smoke and mirrors. It may be time to walk down that road. What do I have to lose?


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