Triggering Goals

Pick the Brain had an article on the most important hour. It’s a practice I have tried to use many times without much success. The thought is that the first hour of the day is the most important so start it off with a bang. That’s great in theory, but I usually flag after a few hours under that method. It’s simply not something I’m very good at and I don’t find it useful.

One Thing

I prefer to focus on one thing, Leo style. I feel much more accomplished if I move forward on one goal. Usually it’s a goal I have decided as the most important. Currently, that’s writing this blog. Before it was flossing. Before that it was walking. If I do that one thing, I get a mental gold star and that day is a success. It’s easy, simple, and focuses on what’s most important.

It is also compounding. For instance, I still floss every day, even though it’s not my most important goal. Instead of being done first thing in the morning(which can get hectic for me), I have created a ‘trigger.’ I created a trigger. I must warn you to be careful with triggers. After I switched off the flossing goal I missed a few days because my trigger disappeared. My trigger initially was my first bathroom break at work. I’d go into the bathroom and floss. The problem came when I went to training for a week, I missed flossing almost every day. Then I realized the importance of triggers.

The trigger is as important as the goal. If it moves your goal is in jeopardy. For my walking goal, I would get to work early and go up to the track, and walk for a half hour(until I got plantar fasciitis). The problem with this trigger was the weekends. Sure as the sun I would walk 5 days a week without thinking, but 2 days a week I struggled to ‘find time.’

The trigger has to be an everyday occurrence. Now, I floss when I go to the bathroom before bed. I sit, and reach for the floss, every time. You can make work your trigger, but then you need a second trigger for vacations and weekends. Being aware of the pitfalls can make your triggers much more effective.

Each of us has our own goal style. I don’t put emphasis on one hour. I find triggers work much better for me. What works well for you?


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