Myths About Life


You have the answers. Get real. You have some good qualities, but omniscence isn’t one of them. Don’t be an idiot and assume you can recreate that image without help. Read, listen, learn from people who have what you want. What makes them different? They weren’t born with it, so how did they get it?

There is one right answer. Not one right answer, many right answers. What works for me might not work for you. All I am is a method of helping your brain see things in a different way, the way I see them. You may agree with all, some, or none of what I say. I don’t have the right answer, I have my right answers, maybe it will lead you to yours.

One day you will reach the ‘Final Destination.’ The final destination is death. Life is about exploration and finding what makes you tick, what makes your life shine, like children do. The only moment you have is now, don’t waste it hoping on tomorrow.


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