'I always thought I was young, that I had time'

Someone finally died on House. No not from Lupus. It’s never Lupus. They didn’t even do a lumbar puncture. She said something that resonated. From season 3, episode 20 “House Training,” ‘you were right about me too, that stuff about the system being against people like me(from the projects). It’s crap. It’s true, but it’s also crap, I just wasn’t ready to try again, and I always thought I was young, that I had time’

Always remember, no one will remember you 10 minutes after you die if you don’t do something worth remembering. You only have this one moment. Tomorrow never comes, and yesterday was merely a dream. Life happens now. No it doesn’t wait until House is over. “I’m tired” you’ll tell yourself, but when you are tired TV doesn’t make you less tired. No. Rest, naps, lieing down in the dark, walking, sleeping, they are the slayers of tiredness. But day after day you turn to the tv when you are tired. You know you shouldn’t. Mindless entertainment is so seductive. Life goes on. The system is stacked against us, that doesn’t mean we can’t overcome it. That won’t happen in front for the TV. Live your life today, regardless of the obstacles that await you.


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