The Priority

This blog is a priority for me. It’s the first thing on my mind in the morning. I sit down with my breakfast and boot up the laptop, make my way to wordpress and start typing.

It’s a priority because Dave and I have always talked about running businesses. Not living together makes it difficult to show each other we are putting in the effort to make that happen. Without that display our commitment wavers and by the time we see each other again, it’s like we never talked about it. It’s deflating and demoralizing.

At the beginning of July, after talking with Dave about an ice cream and sandwich shop, I had enough. I wasn’t going to let that happen anymore, I was going to show Dave my commitment to him, and to getting better. I want to find a way to give myself a comfortable life, and I want Dave along with me.

Dave, I can’t do it for you. This is a two way street and my half is congested with enthusiasm and anticipation. I’m not stopping, not for anything. And I’m not leaving you behind. So nut up and start writing. I don’t care why you haven’t posted. I don’t care if you have two jobs and are trying to dig yourself out of the hole. I don’t care if you are sick, or you have writer’s block. Figure it out. I know damn well you have weekends. If you have to write 7 posts in 2 days, do that. You are strong enough stand up to this challenge and it’s high time you do that. If you have to lose an hour of sleep, lose an hour of sleep. Find a way. You need to overcome this and get on track. This is our fight, and I’m not going to let you go through it alone. 

Every day is a battle. Every day you get xp. But if you don’t log in, if you don’t even show up, how can you gain anything? It’s just like WOW. You don’t login you can’t gain xp. But if you login and learn the tricks and the trades, you get gain xp by the buckets. It’s all the same you see. We all have categories. Intellect, Strength, Courage, Perseverence, Skill, Energy, Health, I could go on, if I could remember the WOW cats. Each day you gain a little bit, if you show up. Unlike WOW, if you don’t show up you lose a little bit. There is no status quo. You get better or you get worse. Every action matters. Every time you read, intellect goes up. Every time you write, skill goes up. Every time you do something you should, but don’t want to do, courage and perseverence goes up. Every time you walk, or floss, or drink water instead of soda, health goes up. These are all decisions, choices we make every day, every moment of every day. I can push you once, encourage you, but you need to find the courage the rest of the time. You need to step out of the shadows and into the light where you belong. No more living small, no more doubts. You were meant to be great, it’s time you started making progress to that end. Don’t leave me hanging.


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