A Side Gig

On Monday, I volunteered to tutor an excel class. I enjoy teaching, and people seem to get quite a bit from my classes. Most nights I get questions about if I do ‘this’ on the side or just to volunteer. Until Monday, it has always been just volunteer work.

OnMonday, with Ramit’s earn 1k challenge in mind, I decided to try to get some side income by tutoring in excel. I printed out flyers and brought them to the class to pass out. I asked the librarian if that was ok, and she wasn’t sure, so I didn’t want to break the rules and decided not to hand them out. Needless to say I was dissappointed. But the thought was in my mind, I was in that mode. I gave everyone my number and email if they had questions, without soliciting business.

At the end of the class, one woman stayed behind and asked me a few questions. I decided to strike. ‘I tutor one on one if you are interested.’ She was. She needs excel for her job and she’s still very tentative, which causes her problems.

I’m excited about the opportunity to earn my first $$ on the side of my job. I like my job and enjoy it, but I tell everyone: Job security is a myth. I can become a top notch computer instructor, while I’m working and make a little extra money on the side. One person will translate into more, and I can help more people become more proficient with computers and as I increase my side income, they can increase their main income. I love win-wins.


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