Some people are happy with mediocrity. They are content to give just enough to get by. At least that’s how I see it. Of coure, that’s not the story they tell themselves. They say they work hard and deserve their time off. They don’t want to work even more, they want their down time. We view it two different ways.

As some one who figts every day to get better, this is difficult for me to understand. Don’t they see job security is no security? Don’t they see they are worth so much more if they take it. They could be making double what they make now, but that’s not in their vision.

Accepting people where they are is tough for me. I see so much in people, far more than they seem to see themselves. My head is on a life filled with what I love, and yes a little luxury. They can barely get passed the daily grind. I don’t understand what I see as apathy. It’s all a matter of perspective, and accepting people where they are is as apart of my life as pushing them to be more. It’s a fine balane between pushing and leaving them alone.


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