Blogging Tips

Yesterday I gave writing tips. Today I’ll give you some blogging tips. They are different you know. You can be a good writer, but if people don’t stick around long enough to read it, it doesn’t matter. You’ve read that people’s attention spans are short, and even shorter when viewing a screen. With more websites and blogs than zits on all the faces of everyone in the world, other options exist. If you want to stand out, here are some things to learn.


Make it skimmable. I have thoroughly read very few blog posts. Even my favorite blogs are skimmed rather than read. If the skim looks good I’ll settle down for more. How? Use bold. Bold stands out and it indicates a key point my eyes should rest on. If you have a paragraph, a few key words should be bolded.

Use paragraphs.

No blobs. I get antsy when I see a huge article with long paragraphs. I think it’s the memories from high school and college that make me nervous by that kind of writing.

Use headings. 

Headings separate your main points well. They allow a reader to be able to block off a section and know what it’s about without investing more time. It’s like window shopping at a small town main street. You look through the windows and see the heading, if you like it you go in for more, if not onto the next shop. A wordpress tip: select the text you want to make a heading and press ctrl+[a number] Try it. Each wordpress theme is different so test out your headers to make sure it’s visually appealling.

Bullets and Lists

Using bullets and lists makes it easy for your reader’s to follow and quickly feeds the short attention span. It’s easy to read a list of 100 things when the 100 things is in bullets. Supposedly people like lists. Read most blogs and they usually have some kind of ‘list’ posts.

 What’s your point

I find myself writing and asking myself ‘what the heck is the point.’ Do you know what you’re trying to say or are you rambling? Is there a cohesive that ties all your words together? If you don’t know what it is how will your readers figure it out? Ask yourself every few paragraphs if you are sticking to your point or if you’ve veered off course.

Again, if you google around you will find loads of blogging tips from more successful bloggers. These are a few I have learned along the way.


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