Take What We Deserve

What is your time worth?

Your time is valuable. It is your only nonrenewable resource. If you treat it like it’s worth nothing, you will do nothing, and end up making nothing. If you treat it as a $100/hour investment, eventually you will increase your earnings. Life has a way of giving people what they deserve. Do you deserve $0/hr? Or do you deserve $100/hour?

I don’t look at this blog as ‘spare time’. This blog, you guys, are prime time. I refuse to let us dwell in mediocrity any longer. Dave, you are worth $100/hour without question. Steve-o, you are worth $100/hr without question. I believe I am worth $100/hr without question. This blog is our $100/hour start. It’s a statement to the world and to ourselves that this is important and we are willing to sacrifice 30 minutes each day and think of an idea to share with the world. Our little extra effort. Our refusal to let the world dictate what we are ‘worth.’

The only thing stopping us from making $100/hour is ourselves. We look at our lives and predetermine what we are worth. We let others say we are worth $10/hour, $15/hour, or $20/hour. We are not confident enough to set an amount on our lives and work hard and smart enough to expect it to come to us, but how else do we obtain it? Are people who make $100 an hour 5x or 10x the man I am? Than you are?

Keep our heads up, keep our minds open and working. We will find a way to make $100/hour on the side of our work. We will find a way to take what we deserve from life. We take, because it won’t be given. The lottery won’t dial our number, Daddy Warbucks has other charity cases to solve. We will take it. First we need to work at it, a little bit every day, maybe a lot every day. Keep going keep pushing, we will crack this nut of life if it’s the last thing we do.


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