Earn1k Challenge: Testing Assumptions

I bit. I signed up for Ramit’s Earn1k challenge. I want more from life, and I’m not getting there as fast as I should. Truth is I think Ramit is abrasive. And his website has been like a sales pitch since his book release. But let’s be honest, he’s living the life he wants. I’m not. I don’t have to be like Ramit to learn from him. I need a kick in the ass. Why not let Ramit do it?

So I signed up for the Earn 1k challenge and have recieved a few emails about it. On Wednesday, I received my first test. I was instructed to ‘test my assumptions.’ After reading this article, I had to:

  1. Today, I want you to lay out 3 assumptions you have that are holding you back
  2. In the next 48 hours, I want you to test them
  3. 48 hours from now, share the results of your research

Ramit has a method for communicating your goals and your methods with him and he says he will follow up in 2 days. A small part of me wanted to shrug this off as a gimmick like so many before. The larger part of me is committed to living life to the fullest, and this was a start. I was stoked after reading the article and had 4 or 5 assumptions in mind. I wrote down three:

  1. I will never be able to be more than a computer guy at work.
  2. I won’t be able to motivate my friends to live life to the fullest
  3. I can’t start a citizen group in my town because I am young and inexperienced.

It sounds so stupid. I feel like a butthead. I really do come up with the lamest excuses. Why do we hold ourselves back for such stupid insecurities? I really am my own worst enemy.

Step 2 is to test my assumptions. I have to try each of the things. I need actionable steps that will move me closer to goals I care about. Here is what I sent to Ramit:

  1. I will talk to my boss at work about being more active in addition to my duties.
  2. I will talk with each of my friends and tell them about I want to truly live life. I want to work together to do that.
  3. I will setup a time to hold a citizens meeting that I willl lead.

After setting these goals, I was stoked and excited. After a little time, those same slef doubts started creeping in. I wasn’t going to be fooled. By the end of Wednesday I talked to my boss about my role and I talked to one friend about living life. Both had positive results and feedback. We will have another writer on this blog, Steve-o is committed to moving forward with Dave and I, I am very excited for that. I have started on a trail at work that will hopefully allow me to use more skills and have an impact.

I still need to call one more friend and chat with him. I also need to make a time for a citizens meeting and begin to move forward. Not surprisingly, the citizens meeting is the one my mind is trying very hard to dissuade me from doing. You should hear the excuses and assumptions going on in my head. Too young, too much to plan, time isn’t right, no one will show, it will be hard, etc. It’s craziness. You are all my witnesses, I will hold a local round table to get people involved in my community. I may not make a major step by the end of the day, but I will make progress.

I encourage Dave and Steve-o to test their assumptions and post their ideas and results here. I challenge all of our readers to do the same. Do you have the courage to face yourself and live life to the fullest. You do, I know you do. We will support each other throughout the journey. I look forward to updating you on my results.


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