4 Writing Tips I've Learned

Beware of Passive Voice

Write for now. ‘I was hit by a pitch’ compared to ‘The pitch hit me.’ Notice the difference? Google it and find lots of examples. Being aware of using passive or active voice will make you a better writer.

‘There’ are not

Avoid using the word ‘there.’ Why say ‘There are people who…’ instead of ‘People who…’ This is rule I have benefited from the most. There are Many times I think ‘there’ when it can easily be omitted in nearly every situation there is. Listen to this example:

‘Once upon a time there was a boy named Nathan. He lived in the woods with some moths’

‘Once upon a time a boy named Nathan lived in the woods with moths.’

See the difference there?

First person

Can you write it without I or we or you? Then do it. It’s a challenge, and on blogs it’s difficult as the style is to write to an audience, aka you. If you can learn to do without, then you have more tools at your disposal.

Length Variety

Having all long sentences or all short sentences is dull. Be interesting. How? Vary your sentence length. William Zinsser in ‘On Writing Well’ repeated ‘omit needless words.’ By omitting needless words you can make a variety of sentence lengths, which keeps the reader interested.

Now that you have a few tips, try them out, let me know how you do.


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