A Blog, A Blog, My Kingdom for a Blog

Why a blog?

It’s specific. It’s actionable. It’s clear. What do we have to do? Post one article per day. How do I know that I am successful? Did I post today? Yes? You’re a success. No? You failed, get back up and try again tomorrow. Don’t quit. Never quit. If we can’t complete this together, if we can’t stick together for one month, what are our chances for anything larger? Failing once on one day is not the same as failing for 30 days. We can succeed with 29 out of 30. We can’t succeed if we quit every time we fall down.


Don’t worry about 30 days. Worry about today. Find a time, write some words. If I can’t do that, how can I expect to be successful at anything else. A laundry list of excuses awaits for why I couldn’t post today, look past the list, find the courage within and post. If I complete nothing else today, if I wake up take a half hour to post and waste the rest of the day, then today is a success. Simple and focused.


A blog is persistant and consistent. Every day we move one step closer to our goal, together. Life takes a persistent effort. It doesn’t wait, it punches you in the mouth wether you are ready or not. This is us getting ready for the punch, and being prepared to punch back. By consistently moving forward we make the decision to get better, and to put forth the effort to live, truly live.


We have schemed before. Schemed, plotted, and planned. We both have wavered in our commitment. This is our chance to show our commitment to each other and to life. I’m a fan of starting easy and simple. I’m not sure how simpler we could get. Like a snowball, we start out with a few flakes then we figure out how to make it a giant snowman. It may not be blogging, the blog is a symbol, and a beginning. I can’t wait to keep going.


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