You want to be successful? You want to be where Seth Godin is? Then stop pussy footing around and go do it. Do something. Test try poke prod. Intelligently. Don’t sit around moping, reading, wondering what they have that you don’t. Want to know what they have? Time. Effort. That’s it.

You can argue ‘they know people.’ That’s bullshit. Once upon a time J.D. Roth wiped his tushy without anyone knowing who he was. Yes he is connected to many bloggers, reporters, etc. now, but you think that has anything to do with the Box company he ran prior to blogging? He knows those people because he has put in time and effort.

Practice, what ever it is, practice. Hell you don’t even have to like it. Merely searching for something more puts you and your life on a separate frequency than 99% of people. It has a different hum to it than 9-5 til 65. You can tell people whose spirit sings life and those who are merely gliding through it. Sing. Hum. Vibrate. Shake it up. Don’t sit there wondering how. You know how. Go do it. Whatever you are thinking about right now… that: That’s it. Go do that! Don’t let anyone stand in your way. And if you screw up, just know you are that much closer. The only difference between you and Leo Babauta– Leo pushes through the doubts that he isn’t good enough. You don’t.

Want some inspiration to know that you can do it? Watch Rebecca Black. If she can do, what’s your excuse. Happy Friday!


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