Jealous King Arthur

I gave up donuts. Over 5 years ago.

Why? I value myself. Donuts were #1 on the list of foods to stop eating.

Each Saturday morning co-workers at my part-time job would bring in breakfast. Usually donuts.

I brought in egg casseroles. Mom made them. So I made a resolution: No Donuts.

And that was my first step toward eating healthier.

A donut put in front of me will get eaten from time to time. I never buy donuts. I don’t get an urge for them.

Nearby they are a temptation, otherwise they don’t enter my mind.

I’ve given up fast food, chocolate with filling(failing at this), most processed food(hamburger helper, microwave dinners, etc.). I make my own taco or sloppy joe spices. I bake my own brownies, cookies, etc.

I am not 100% successful. I’ve eaten at Taco Bell in the last year. I still reach for the Manwich some nights.

It’s the thought that counts. I’ll take 90% healthier and enjoy my occasional donut. The treats become treats. I feel better on all counts.

Celebtrate the small victories. Ignore small losses. I Build my castle little by little.

By the time I die King Arthur will be jealous.


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