I get easily frustrated. Not angry. frustrated.

I’m not sure there is a difference, but I feel better saying frustrated.

The girl doesn’t make the dog follow the rules. Frustrated.

The girl’s mess. Frustrated.

I mess up a recipe. Frustrated.

The dog doesn’t listen(or gets into something, or pees in the house). Frustrated.

Very little things really.

Why? IDK. Genetics? Stress? Who knows.

How do I fix it? I’m trying acceptance.

I try to notice when I’m getting frustrated.

Beyond that… ???

Often I will take a deep breath and attempt to talk to my girl in normal voice(as opposed to frustrated voice).

Or I will take a deep breath and focus on my frustration instead of the dog.

I have been trying NOT to give the dog a command until I’m calm. Cause I’ll get even more angry if dog doesn’t listen. I’m calm(ish), I give command, she obeys(slowly) I feel better.

Much better than not being calm and smacking her out of frustration. Yes I hit my dog. Yes I feel bad. I told you I wasn’t perfect.

Noticing and breathing are two band-aids for my frustration. I think I have been less frustrated lately.

Band-aids come off.

What’s the long-term fix?

My idea: Talk to the girl while I’m not frustrated about the dog, mess, etc.(I’m just as messy, fyi. I get frustrated when she nags about my mess… What is wrong with me?!?!) Walk and do tricks with the dog.

Good idea? I’ll let you know.


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