Writer’s Block.

Writers Block.

Are obstacles meant to stop me? Or to be overcome?

How do I know when life is telling me I’m doing it wrong or when I need to push harder?


I don’t feel like writing.

I don’t plan my posts, is that ok? I don’t have a great idea at the moment, should I stop?

Ugh, Why should I even bother?

Because destiny is bullshit.

I’m not ‘meant’ for anything. The ‘meant’ part is distracting. It confuses me.

My analytical mind can never figure out what I am meant to do. It’s always looking for the solution.

It’s not there. I’m asking the wrong question.

The question isn’t: ‘is this what I’m meant to do’ It’s: ‘do I enjoy what I’m doing.’


I told you I don’t have this figured out.

I know I don’t enjoy planning posts. The posts in the past week have all been spontaneous and they feel amazing. Even this one. I’ve

enjoyed it.

Does enjoyment=success?

What does success mean anyway, and why are we all chasing it?

Success is having writer’s block and writing anyway. It may not be very good, but rome wasn’t built in a day.

Crap work is relative. Crap work is better than no work. I can learn from crap work. I can get feedback from crap work. I get neither from no work.



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