I am at stake.

I could tell you how I get up the courage to ship. But that’s not enough.

You don’t need to see that I shipped.

You need to see that I’m afraid. You need to see it’s not easy.

I may quit tomorrow before I post this. Hell I could delete this right now. I’ve done it before.

You need to know I’m not committed, not to writing.

My commitment to make a difference is solid, that’s the easy part. I’ve had that commitment for years.

‘How’ is holding me back, and Mr. Procrastination eagerly lends a hand.

Lost. House. Prison Break. NBA. NFL. Friends. Woman(only one).

I should be a coach. No financial advisor. No tutor. No teacher. No…

Do you get the picture? You do. You’re like me. Hopes and dreams could make you fly if you weren’t shackled by Indecision and distraction.

It’s not as easy as they say. They lie. No 5 steps will work.

I’ve pieced it together from Trent, Leo, Seth, Dale, David, Dalai and so many others. No one has been the ‘go to’ for my education.

I needed some part of all of them. I still need.

Despite years of reading and learning, I’m not done. I’ll never be done. That’s the daunting part. I can’t quit. I can’t be ignorant and turn the other way.

If ignorance is bliss, then knowing is a blessing. And a curse.

I want to know. I want to be aware. But knowing makes me aware of how small I am, how little I can do.

But it’s all I can do. Do you see? That’s the key, that’s the focus. Do what I can. It may mean nothing, but I can’t do nothing. I can’t.

The world is at stake.


I am at stake.



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