Ship it. Right?

Ship it.

That’s Seth Godin’s advice.

But you shouldn’t ship average work.

I’m confused. Do I ship it or do I not?

I’m frustrated with self help literature. I’m grateful Seth posts more ‘ship it’ messages than ‘get it right’ messages.

I need the encouragement.

I finally get the courage up to ship and then I’ll come across a Seth ‘make it great’ message.

Mr. Procrastination needs little encouragement to stick around. ‘See Seth says you should wait.’

I want to make a difference. I want to make my mark. I want to share what I know and feel with you. But I’m afraid you won’t find me. Or if you find me, I’ll be drowned out in the stream of BS. I’m afraid I don’t know how to reach you, or if you’re even the person I need to reach.

My head is like an African plain. My doubts are the wildebeest. I am a lion. My lion can only kill so many wildebeests before he’s full.

Is The metaphor backward? It is isn’t it?

I’m not the lion. I’m the wildebeest. Even if I want to lead my heard in the opposite direction, I’m afraid I’ll be alone and the

lion will eat me.

Ok. Enough with the metaphor.

Seriously the world is a scary place.

Except that it isn’t.

Is it?

I’m not going to preach to you like I have everything figured out. I don’t. I’m a scare little kid.


The world isn’t a scary place. The world is. I make it scary.

It’s scary to ship. On so many levels. I’m still nervous just typing this.



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