Stock Market

The Stock Market is for suckers…. started me thinking about investing. For a day I wanted to quit investing altogether. Take the penalty on my 401(k) and make a non-sucker bet.

What would be a non-sucker bet? A non-sucker bet is something I understand, somewhere I have an advantage.What do I know about?

Uh… Yea. My money is still in my 401(k) and in an astonishing turn of events I started to look into investing in individual stocks. Despite Mark’s advice, or because of it, I think the strategy isn’t to get out, but put more in.

Not more money, but more time, more effort, more passion.

This applies to my rental property as well as my stock investments.

I enjoy the thought of fixing up my property. The thought is nice.

The thought is not reality. Reality is I haven’t touched my property since August. I’m very pleased I fixed the siding in August(2 rows with 4 helpers). It’s February. In my mind, 1 day of hard work makes 6 months of non-work seem acceptable.

It’s acceptable to get an 8% ROI on my 401(k) without any effort. It’s acceptable to collect rent without doing maintenance.

In retrospect I don’t think it’s a winning strategy. The results are coming despite my effort, not because of it. I’m a sucker because I think I’m causing the positive results. How do I become a non-sucker? Check back in 6 months and I’ll let you know what I find.


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