Avoiding Responsibility

I get the feeling that I am meant for something big.

Or am I getting the feeling that something great is waiting to be done and whether I do it or not is less significant?

If it wasn’t Nelson Mandela, would it have been someone else and we view Apartheid in the same way?

Or if it wasn’t Nelson Mandela, would Apartheid be looked at vastly different than it is today?

If you don’t do it, does the world find someone else to do ‘it’?

Or does ‘it’ not happen?

On second thought, does it really matter?

You and 2 other people witness someone get shot.

Your mind shouldn’t drift on the ‘someone else will call’ wind. Your mind should immediately find a phone and instruct your fingers to dial 9-1-1.

Does it really matter if 2 or 3 people call the police for the same incident? Much better 3 people call than 0 people.

Why do we wait for others to take responsibility? Why do we assume someone else will make something happen and when they do we’ll be ready? If we’re ready now, why aren’t we doing something?


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