Importance of Having Goals

Right now I have a lot of things going on. These things are on my mind a lot and it is affecting my efforts to get to 30 blog posts. The past few days I have felt more of an obligation to write than in the past. I don’t want to write, I want to ignore it and focus on the other things. I know it’s important to keep blogging. I’ve come pretty far and I think I will do some good if I pursue this endeavor. But to be honest, if I didn’t have the goal to hit 30 posts by October 27, 2008, I would have stopped writing.

My life is currently an example of why it is important to have goals. Without goals, we stumble. We take our eye off what we are pursuing and give in to the every day urges. Those urges are mostly telling us to take the easy road. ‘Why try so hard, you have a perfectly good excuse not to?’ Goals fight these urges. When you’re ‘want to’ self asks that question, you can confidently answer that you have a goal to reach and doggone it you’re going to reach it.

Here are some reasons having a goal is important:

Keep you focused

Goals keep you focused on what you are out to accomplish. Goals shape you’re future. Goals are our way of actively shaping our lives the way we want them to be. Without goals, at the end of life you’re left wondering how you got so off track.

Used to Measure

You use goals to measure how far you have come. This can be a motivational boost. I’ve come half way on my way to 30 blogs, I’m not stopping now. The same idea applies to your goal. If you’ve come so far, and you’ve enjoyed it so far, why stop because of a little speed bump?

A Reason to Try

For me, my goal has been the reason I start typing each night. I know ‘why’ I am fighting my natural urges so hard. Your goals give you a reason to try. ‘Why fight so hard?’ Because you have something bigger than the current need to ‘ease up.’

What do you think? Why are having goals so important?


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